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For more information about assessment activities at USF contact Dr. Terri Flateby.


For academic units, the most important component of institutional effectiveness is the annual student learning outcomes assessment process. For each academic program, three to five intended learning outcomes are identified and measured annually and the results considered for program improvement.

Administrative and educational support units are expected to demonstrate and document an annual process selecting services and/or work processes for review, deciding on a desired level of performance, assessing to determine the actual level of performance, and using of results to improve services and unit performance.

For purposes of documenting the annual assessment processes in the academic, educational support, and administrative units, USF has adopted a set of forms designed by Dr. James O. Nichols, Institutional Effectiveness Associates, Inc.

Archive of Assessment Plans and Reports

Administrative and Support Units

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences, St. Petersburg

College of Business Administration

College of Business, St. Petersburg

College of Education

College of Education, St. Petersburg

College of Engineering

College of Marine Science

College of Nursing

College of Public Health

College of Visual & Performing Arts

School of Architecture

USF Lakeland



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